Burn Fat And Lose Weight

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Burn Fat And Lose Weight

Virtually everywhere you look on the Internet or in magazines pertaining to weight loss you hear the same old cliché, ‘Eat less and exercise more to lose weight.’ While it is true that this approach will lead to the body burning more calories than it takes in, it must be noted that under the wrong conditions the body may attack muscle to convert to energy rather than going after fat. It is therefore important that any weight loss regimen be set up and executed in such a way that the body will burn fat and lose weight.

There many different approaches to dieting, there is a low-carb diets, there are the low-fat diets, and there are starvation diets. The last of these, starvation diets, is the absolute worst way to go. This is because when the body is deprived of food it goes into a survival mode in which all calories consumed are immediately converted to fat and stored against later need. This is generally the opposite effect of what is needed to lose weight.

The keys to burning fat and losing weight lie in the types of food one consumes, not in the quantities of food one consumes. That’s that are high in fiber and protein with a low to moderate amount of complex carbohydrates, not sugars, generally provide a means for the body to become energized and increase the metabolism so that more calories are burned even before exercise comes into play.

The next aspect of burning fat to lose weight is the exercises that one performs. Personal trainers everywhere will tell you that cardio is the best type of exercise because it speeds the metabolism and burns off the calories. However, one thing that they do not all tell you is that light resistance training is an important part of the equation for a couple of different reasons.

One thing that most people do not realize is that for the first 20 to 30 minutes of any exercise program, their body is not burning fat. At the beginning of the exercise, the body is working off of a type of sugar that is a modified version of glucose called glucagon. This sugar comes from the foods that are eaten. Only after the body supply of readily available glucagon is used does the body start to burn fat.

The second reason is that resistance training not only increases the metabolism and burns more calories, but in the process of working the muscles against a resistance, the muscles expand energy in such a way that they form very small tears. Healing the stairs requires extra energy and helps to keep the body burning more fat even at rest while the muscles are healing.

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